11 February, 2012

Easy Valentine's Decorations Tutorial:

Buy paper. Cut out hearts. Tape them everywhere. Blog about it.

One of my New Year's resolutions was to decorate for every holiday - at least three days prior to the holiday itself (I struggle with waiting til the day before to throw up a bunch of hastily-made or bought decorations). This resolution was inspired by my SIL, Caci, who makes every holiday amazing - and I mean every holiday.

So last week, Gage and I scanned Pinterest for ideas, then went to work on love-ifying the apartment. This was the result:

Valentine's Day - themed paper hearts and scotch tape - Gage put up quite a few of the hearts and absolutely loved being my helper. Great toddler activity ;)

More hearts in the kitchen.

Newspaper hearts clipped onto this amazing contraption that you can find at Ikea, in the dining area.

Inverted newspaper hearts, clothes-pinned to our garland that we reminds us to party year-round.

I'm super excited for Tuesday to roll around. Steven's classes are cancelled for the day, so we are going to get all of the menial things done early on and have a little celebration with Gage to commemorate his last Valentine's Day as the third wheel, then Steven has a fun night planned for he and I while Gage hangs out with Rebecca, our neighbor who he absolutely adores.

What are your plans?


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