14 February, 2012

Brookentines Day

I decided to hack my wifes blog again today so that everyone can be aware of her "awesome sauce" (in the words of Gage)

She woke up early this morning and made a breakfast that I had seen on pintrest and said look delicious (how does she remember those things?)

it was d-lish

Then she set out candies and chocolates to last me and our little guy the rest of the day and sent me off to work

After I left she spent the rest of her morning make rice crispy treats for 44 girls that live in the houses that we manage

I do not have to say it, but I am going to anyways... if she were a "pin" she would be "re-pinned" 1 million times

fell free to pin this picture if you like

I love you brookie! Thanks for all you do. Everyday I see your love for us in the time and energy you put into making us as happy as we can be

Now I am supposed to ask a question so people have something to say if they want to comment right?

What did your lover do for you today?

happy valentines day my love!



  1. aw! yes I believe that Brooke is awesome sauce too! What a sweet hubs as well! happy v-day little family!
    so far my husband gave me a sweet card this morning as our family exchanged our homemade valentines. But sadly he is working late tonight, good thing he is my forever valentine since v-day doesn't always work out.

  2. You two are so sweet to each other!! Sorry Brooke, I'm totally pinning you!!

  3. "Should would be re-pinned 1 million times!" That is adorable Steven! And you're so right, she is wonderful. Missing you all.

  4. I LOVE YOU, STEVEN!!!! You crack me up :)


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