09 January, 2012

"To Blave"

Er --- Crave. To Crave.
Disclaimer: this post is about pregnancy. I know that sometimes when things on the fertility train are rough, it is just not fun to read about someone else's pregnancy. If you aren't feeling it, know that I totally get it if you just close the window.

When I was pregnant with Gage, I was always hungry. Always. And I had a really hard time saying no to my cravings -- a random food would pop into my head (asparagus, candy, cupcakes, mayonnaise...) and I'd give in. Which is why I ended up gaining a lot of extra weight with him.

But listen, I am totally an advocate of healthy pregnancies. To quote every pregnancy book I've ever read, "Pregnancy is not the time to lose weight" and if you are purposely losing weight while pregnant (and it's not doctor's orders), then you are a total idiot and very selfish. Sorry, but true. Babies need nourishment.

Anyway, point is that there is obviously a healthy medium between constantly gorging and gaining over 80 pounds and dieting to the point that your baby isn't getting the nutrients that he/she needs and you aren't getting the nutrients that you need.

Which is why I needed to develop a system (I will never, ever be the woman who isn't eating enough while pregnant. Ever). No, my system keeps me from acting like a ravenous 14-year-old boy who just ran a marathon.

I give in to one craving a week.

Last week, oatmeal cookies.

Before that, Thai food. Mmmm.
For New Years, homemade sushi (don't worry - no raw fish).

And the week before that, an enormous, juicy hamburger. If you know me, you know how weird this is. I am not a hamburger person.

So far the system has worked out most excellently.

Still, every now and then that wild beast of hunger comes out if I wait too long to snack and then I just start eating everything in sight - do you ever do that? It's actually kind of fun. Especially when you have brownies on the counter. Yep, I devoured an entire pan AND a boiled egg AND three pieces of bread AND a huge glass of milk AND an orange AND then I laid in my bed in reverie until Gage woke up from his nap. Definitely not going to make a habit out of this (crazy how much the pregnant body needs regular nourishment). But it's a totally punch-drunk feeling that is hilarious and fun.

Pregnant or not, what do you crave?


  1. Nothing actually. I just ate everything! It's crazy how the body changes. Can't wait to see how cute you look :)

  2. Fruit! I always crave fruit when I'm pregnant, which is funny bc I eat it anyways... but it's always ONE thing. Q= oranges, B= nectarines, Baby Pula= blueberries. Other things sound good on ocassion, but it's always fruit. Good for you for not worrying too much and being able to enjoy the moment. :)

  3. Wellll I'm not pregnant or anywhere close to it, but ever since I got back from Mexico I crave the taco bus by the roundabout. It's hard for me to not go there once a week...seriously, it's terrible. But so good!

  4. It's hilarious that you ate a boiled egg AFTER a pan of brownies! serious food makes me crave sweets. I'd do better to go a whole day without eating at all if I want to avoid sweets. So I usually have juice or smoothies to last me as long as possible throughout the day because I know right after I actually eat something, I'll have to chase it down with some chocolate.

  5. I am so craving Thai food now :-) It's funny because with Emma I had no cravings at all and now with two it's inevitable. Lately its been..juicy cheeseburgers, pizza, buttery popcorn and milk (lots and lots). Glad to hear your allowing yourself those cravings!

  6. I laughed out loud at the brownie and egg etc. part. I did that a couple of weeks ago with a giant chili bowl of peas and corn, nasty-cold-greasy-popcorn, macaroni and cheese.....and I'm not even pregnant.
    P.S. I love these posts. I promise I won't close your pregnancy posts.


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