11 January, 2012


Photo taken at Serendipity in NYC

Since we found out that she's a girl, we've been asked constantly, "So what are you going to name her?"

We're not of the school of thought of keeping names a secret for two reasons: 1. We highly doubt that any name we come up with is so mind-blowingly creative that as soon as we say it or type it, everyone is going to use it and 2. If you happen to like one of the names that we like, and you happen to name your kid that name, and it's a pretty out-there name (some of our names are pretty weird), then we'll know you copied us and rub it in your face for eternity.

Good reasons, right?

So that is why I have no qualms sharing our top ten girls names (in no particular order):

1. Briony - after Briony Tallis in Atonement.

2. Holland - the country and Jeffrey R. Holland, one of our favorites.

3. Calypso - my all-time favorite girl name, but Steven hates it AND we have a niece named Cali, so things might get confusing.

4. Scarlet "Scout" - I've always wanted to name a girl after Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird, but still give her the option of having a sophisticated name. However, Scarlet Redfern sounds more like a nom de plume than a real name.

5. Sparrow - Lovely. But tribal. Sparrow Redfern...

6. Margeaux - because we love the French. But I don't know... I'm not really feeling it lately.

7. Bristol - LOVED until stupid Bristol Palin came along and claimed it. I grew up "near" Bristol Bay and have always loved how it sounds.

8. Pay - after Marjorie Pay Hinckley. I like the simplicity and the originality.

9. Jency - Irish, genealogical name. Cute, but maybe too cute.

10. Jett - Again, love the simplicity, but I don't like how it sounds with "Redfern".

I'd love to hear which ones you like and which ones you don't.
I promise my feelings won't get hurt :)


  1. Wow I loove the creative names. But Jett, for a girl? Not feeling it. Also, I think Pay only works as a middle name. Margeoux is beautiful and probably my favorite on your list.

    I LOVE girl names with "eigh" in them. Leighton, Haleigh, Kyleigh.

  2. I like Holland! Those are different names, but hello there is not a thing wrong with having a different name =).

  3. You and I have very similar taste when it comes to names…. We love Holland! For the same reason.... Elder Holland is the best- he’s one of our favorites. But HolLAND BorLAND wasn't working for us... that's why I made up Hollins. But if Borland wasn’t our last name I totally would have chosen Holland. I seriously love Holland! Love love love it! I also love Scout!!!!!! I think it’s the coolest name! And we also liked Bristol but it was ruined for us for the same reason it was ruined for you. Jency is so dang cute and I love Pay… but for a middle name. Jency Pay is stinking cute. I love so many of your names- you have so many good ones- it’s going to be hard to chose but I know whatever you chose it’s going to be dang cute just like she is going to be! Can't wait to hear what you decide! Love ya!

  4. one of my good friends name is Bristyl! But spelled with a y. Her grandma (basically my grandma) did the flowers at our wedding.

  5. Great names! Similar story with us: the Palin's ruined "Bristol" and it's no longer on our "list." Personally, I love Calypso (incidentally, Dohnele doesn't), but you'd hate to water down such a great name with a cousin who is already named Cali. I'm sure, no matter what, you and Steve will choose a beautiful name! Good luck!

  6. Love Holland and Scarlet. I think my fav is Scarlet Redfern. Adorable!

  7. I am leaning towards Pay on your list, although I think Scarlett is a sophisticated option and you could have cute nickname for. Scout? Adorblely cute for a nickname. We are the opposite for you in revealing names though... not bc we think anyone will steal our names, or that they're SO creative (Although I don't know TOO many Quincy's or Braxton's) but that we have opinionated family members. Nothing irritates me more than family saying how much they dislike a name your in love with. Thus we wait til they're born and our family is decent enough to say how they love the name, even if it's a little "different". :)


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