16 January, 2012

Gage Day

Last week, Gage woke up one morning really sad. I asked him lots of questions to narrow down what was going on, and I still couldn't really figure anything out except that he was really down. It was so sad!

So once we got Steven out the door and had eaten breakfast, we declared it "Gage Day".

I'm sad that I only snapped two photos the entire day!

Gage "wrote" letters to his cousins and took them to the mailbox.

Then we went out for chocolate-strawberry cupcakes and bought a new stuffed seal for Gage to snuggle in his stroller. Next we walked up to the school to visit Steven between work and classes. After dinner we went out for french fries as a post-dinner snack.

He went to bed happy.

I'm trying to cherish every second that I have with just him before the next baby is born. I can't wait to have two kiddos, but I am going to miss the days with just my little buddy and me, taking on the world one cupcake at a time...

I love Gage!


  1. This is so sweet. When I was younger my parents allowed me to choose any day I wanted to be Daughter's Day. I chose May 5th- yes, Cinco de Mayo, though I didn't realize it was already a holiday. Enjoy this time with your little man!

  2. I bet he loved spending time with just his mommy. :)

  3. My goodness you've got good perspective! I can remember taking Trevor on extra wagon trips to the zoo for the same reason ... but trust me - getting my little girls - there was PLENTY of room in my heart for her!!!!


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