17 January, 2012

23 Weeks

Disclaimer: this post is about pregnancy. I know that sometimes when things on the fertility train are rough, it is just not fun to read about someone else's pregnancy. If you aren't feeling it, know that I totally get it if you just close the window.

January is usually my least favorite month of the year, which is why I keep thinking it's February! I am so loving this time of our life and my brain just refuses to believe that I can be this happy in such a horrible, cold, dreary month. But alas, it is so.

We've spent the month just totally playing. I love it. Steven's super busy with school and work, but Gage and I are partying it up every day and when Steven finally gets home, he just jumps in the party and doesn't even complain about how exhausted he must be with his ridiculous schedule of craziness and responsibility.

This little baby (the one inside of me) is g-r-o-w-ing! It's insanity! And she's so calm. Gage was a wild man in there, thumping around in my uterus like Ringo Starr, but this little girl is so relaxed that sometimes I have to poke her a little to feel her squirm around.

I love it.

Bottom line, we're just so content right now. And don't tell me to knock on wood. Cause I won't. Cause I know that when life is fantastic, you just need to live in it wholly and without any fear of what may come. And then when the trials do come (because they always do), you've had an awesome three months or days or years or minutes of blissful happiness, and that happiness carries you through the hard times until things are sunshiney and bright again.

Can I get an "amen"?

Just kidding. But, really, Happy January! Let's hope it stays warm and snow-less.

And what are your thoughts on toddlers and infants sharing a bedroom? (Obviously not until said infant is sleeping through the night). I'd love to hear your opinion.


  1. Oh Brooke!I love your blog and your spunk! I am glad January is shaping up to be a great month for you! Are you in Rexburg or Las Vegas

  2. Brooke, our boys share a room and they do just great. I was nervous at first about them waking each other up, but it's like moving to a new area with new noises... you eventually get used to the noises and can sleep easily.Now that they're both in bunk beds they occassionally "talk" and laugh with each other at night, it's like a little slumber party until we go in and tell them to quiet down. We are soon to add one more boy to the mix and we'll see how that goes. It IS possible, but just a little adjustment for them at first. Good luck! :)

  3. Mikayla - Thanks! We're in Rexburg. Where are you?

    Kati - good to know! We want them to share a room and it's good to hear that it works so well for you.

  4. aw yay!
    it's so cool that you can allready tell that their personalities will be so different :)

  5. I am in St George actually...Just finishing up school!

  6. You are getting big, it's so exciting! Also your eyes look beautiful in that first picture, I'm glad you are having a peaceful fun time!

  7. I'll give you an amen. What you said is so true! I'm glad you are so happy :)

  8. you get a BIG amen from me! I'm going to copy that paragraph and put it in my special quotes area so I can read and re-read it. Well said.
    And that baby bump! Holy SCHMOLY - I can't believe how FAST you are growing! Kind of makes January the best month ever, huh!?!
    I shared a room with 2 sisters when I was little - and all 3 of my brothers were in a room for a time. We had a blast (mostly) and I think it's a healthy thing to do. "Privacy" isn't something little ones want or need. But "sharing" is something worth teaching at that age. (at least you solicited my opinion!)
    Love you.

  9. Amen!
    And David and Olivia shared a room until he was probably 10...then privacy became an issue. But they did fine! (Better than Britt and I...)

  10. New to your blog- it is lovely. You look adorable! As for room-sharing, we have 3 boys under the age of 5 and are planning for the older 2 to share a room pretty soon. They practically do already. I shared a room with my brother until we were in 6th and 4th grade. I remember feeling really secure with him in there. Go for it! Kids all over the world share rooms b/c they have less space. I think they are probably better for it!


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