31 December, 2011

'...To hold on to these moments as they pass'

Do you know the song that's from? 'A Long December' by Counting Crows. Every year, without fail, I sing this song ad nauseum from the day after Christmas to at least New Years Day. It's like my brain's favorite (and only) New Year's tradition. Listen to it and maybe it will get stuck in your head, too:

So, aside from that, our day has been anything but typical. Usually we're with my family or Steven's family on New Years, but this year we're all aloney. We had a super fun day, though. We just finished dinner (homemade sushi and orange chicken), then dessert (copycat Applebee's blondies) and now Gage is in his big boy bed, trying to fall asleep and Steven's in the shower.

And I'm laying in my Christmas PJs on the couch, singing that song and thinking about all the exciting things to come.

Tonight we "clinked" glasses of sparkling cider with Gage after saying something that we are excited for in 2012. I said "I'm excited for the new baby", Steven said "I'm excited to finally graduate", and Gage said, "I'm excited for a new baby".

And while I was kissing him goodnight, I was thinking about how Gage gets excited about like two hundred things a day. "Mommy, I'm so uh-cited 'bout ___", all day, every day.

I want to be like that. (Resolution #1).

Happy New Year!


  1. It's amazing the valuable lessons little ones teach us! I want to be like that too!

  2. Enjoyable read as always. Also read Skipping Christmas. Thanks! fast and funny and just what i needed.


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