07 December, 2011

this is what i love about my steven:

he's a real man. not a lumber-jack-type with a long beard and that has a bird's nest in it... but a man in character.

i remember when we first met and the garbage in my apartment was overflowing and he, in the midst of our conversation, walked over and cleaned it up and when we left, took it to the dumpster. at first i thought it was a clever way to catch my attention, but after 3.2 years, guess what? it's who he is. he volunteers. he carries things and lends tools and gives rides and changes tires. he never leaves a project unfinished. if i tell him i am planning on hanging something on the wall when i find a nail to do it, i'll come back into the room, and it's hung perfectly. without so much as a level or studfinder. jealous yet?

you should be.

because, he is also a family man. he loves being a dad. he loves it when i leave and he is the sole parent because the two of them just totally rock out. he loves making creative (sometimes strange) meals for our toddler, he lives for those mornings when we all wake up at the same time and pull gage into bed with us.

he doesn't do things so that other people will praise him, which is amazing in a world where it sometimes seems like everyone, to the point of deception, is trying so hard to make everyone else think that they are better or richer or skinnier than they actually are. it doesn't even enter his mind to care what people think. i love that.

like captain wentworth in 'persuasion',

"i must learn to brook being happier than i deserve"

cause my one and only is a good, good man.


  1. I remember the first night I met Steven in the dead of winter and he gave me a ride home because it was so cold he didn't want me to walk. You picked a good one Brooke. :)

  2. You've just described my husband. I think noticing these little things that make a man a real man are the key to happiness. I find it romantic when I get in my car and the empty gas tank has been filled. It's those little things that make up a long happy life - the day to days.
    I wish everyone could have men like these.

  3. Yes, Steve is a good man! He comes from a great family. :)

  4. Thank you for reminding us what a real man looks like. Steven sounds like that kind of man!

  5. I love the trash story- he's wonderful. And he is crazy about you! You've got a great spouse.... and he does too :)

    Ps. I am one of those people who tries to make others think I am skinner than I actually am- haha!

  6. I think he is very cool! Brad (Dad)


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