01 December, 2011

'Skipping Christmas'

have you seen "Christmas with the Cranks"? it came out a couple years ago, based on the book by john grisham (the book's called 'Skipping Christmas'). i saw the movie long before i read the book, but the past week i've brought a paper back copy to the gym with me and holy toledo, it is so funny. the only thing i didn't love about it was that the main character is a little racist. but other than that, it is fantastic.
perfect for getting you in the mood for the holidays.

and there's a reference in it to caramel cream pie, which i plan on making soon. and eating all by myself.


  1. Interesting to me today as I'm kind of skipping Christmas this year, not completely but just a little. I hope our story doesn't go as poorly as the movie. I made a regular apple pie for Thanksgiving this year and I gotta say - wasn't so great. I'm blaming the recipe not myself :)

  2. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Haha yah don't share. You deserve it!


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