20 December, 2011

merry and bright

i feel a little inadequate around Christmastime because i always, without fail, forget to do some sort of Christmas card. i have every intention of making a cute little vintage-looking postcard with a simple message and a whole lot of coolness. much like everyone else's. but i never do!(don't worry, this feeling of inadequacy lasts like five minutes. but still).

but one thing i totally rock at is making Christmas treats for people in the area that we can deliver them to. this year it was chocolate and white chocolate bark.

we used stuff we had around the house to mix in - craisins, marshmallows, crushed up candy canes, chocolate shavings, pretzels and sprinkles. (almonds or pistachios.. or both would be delicious too)this is the best part. gage is a master at putting the mix-ins on without sticking them in to deep. he's an artist.


easy, cute packaging and so tasty, too. my favorite is the dark chocolate with craisins. i think gage just likes the idea of chocolate bark. when he realized it had hardened and the marshmallows weren't going anywhere, he was over it. steven loves the candy cane on white chocolate.

tonight we're going to go deliver them and i'm so excited! i wish we were caroling, too, but no. we've tried it before, and it's just awkward when it's the two of us singing and gage screaming out random words like, "ROBOT POOP!" and "BOOM-BOOM YOUR FACE!"
so if you see the non-caroling family, with an unusually vocal toddler and lots of treats, stop and say hello!


  1. Seriously lol'd at gage's "robot poop" comment! How freakin cute is he?! I love your packaging as well. You are so crafty. Love you guys! And have fun tonight. :)

  2. Oh-Oh, It sounds like Grandma Chapman's (Denalee) "Turrets Syndrome" is manifesting itself.

  3. The bark sounds yummy! Hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday!


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