18 December, 2011

at eighteen weeks:

we are super busy getting ready for Christmas.

here is my baby bump:

here is gage giving me a big ol' squeeze:

and here's our little family having a relaxing sunday:

as gage enjoys his favorite pastime.

i am a little sad because i feel like i have been so busy this year, i haven't really Christmas-ized our life... i.e., it doesn't feel like Christmas. during sunday school i made a mental list of all the things i'm going to do this week to fix that.

- Christmas treats EVERY NIGHT. goodbye, health! (at least for the next week and a half or so). i'm thinking sugar cookies, candy-cane brownies, and lots of those minty Christmas m&ms.

- more (or mort, as gage pronounces it) decorations!

- Christmas music constantly. yes, pandora. i'm still listening.

- reading the Christmas story with gage every night before bed (no, not 'polar express')

- ding-dong-ditching with awesome cookies at least one night before we leave for home.

more ideas are totally appreciated!


  1. mort. that's cute.
    this holiday is a crazyyy one, just hold on to your hats until 2012...thats my plan.

  2. Such a cute family! Congratulations again! Happy Holidays!

  3. I agree. It doesn't seem like Christmas around here either, maybe because we only have like three decorations. However, out of the Christmas spirit we did make 4 plates of fudge last Monday night for FHE and then doorbell ditched random people's houses! It was awesome. We will be missing you this Christmas!


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