12 December, 2011

all is bright

since i grew up where winters were oppressively dark, it didn't take long to figure out that light has a huge affect on how i feel. i do love cold, dark winter days, but light inside of my home is an absolute necessity for me.

which is why i'm also extremely picky about what kind of light it is - down to the lightbulb wattage. i don't know why i'm so affected by lighting, i just am. so i go with it. i love small amounts of piercingly bright lights and then lots and lots of warmness.

so it took me a while to piece together the lighting in our bedroom, but with a lot of ikea and a little ingenuity, i was able to come up with the perfect combination of bright and warm (for under 20 dollars).

i flirted with the idea of a curtain for that window behind the bed, but the natural light (especially when it's white-snow-light) makes the room even more bright and happy, so i'm leaving it uncovered for now.

{night time}

what do you use for lighting in your bedroom? are you a lamp kind of a gal/fella? tall lamps or desk lamps? lantern lights? Christmas lights? are you a vampire, and prefer total darkness? tell me about it.


  1. That's funny because I walk around in the dark ALL the time, especially mornings! Good sunlight can change my mood though.

  2. I love lamps. :) I rather hate overhead lighting, it's almost always non-flattering. I have collected lots of different lamps and we primarily use them for our room's light source. Although nothing compares to natural sunshine.

  3. Lamps and Christmas lights! If I had a choice (which is not the case in my little old BYU approved apartment) I'd have great big windows too. Also, happy birthday!


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