02 November, 2011


we moved back to idaho to be apartment managers and for steven to take his last two semesters of classes before he is a college grad.

i love it. we've been moving all over for so long that it feels good to be settled in, with a one-year commitment. i believe what i'm feeling is akin to how the nomads of ancient days felt when one day they realized that they could farm and stay in one place for more than a few months. like, whew. that's awesome. why didn't we do this before? potatoes never tasted so good!

so here we are, in the land of ice and potatoes.

gage is loving being bundled up after an eternal (wonderful) nevada/arizona summer, as you can see. a little acclimatic change is always good for the soul. not so much for the skin, but for that we have lotion. life is good.


  1. Brooke! I was gonna comment you on facebook, but it's overrated and I'm tired of using it so much, (and I stalk you on your blog more than you know.) You should call me when you can. I tried a while ago but I think you had been disconnected or something. I have been thinking about you a lot lately. It is so nice to see you and your family is doing well; two days ago I had the most terrifying dream about you, but I'll tell you about it when we chat. lfaa, rose.

  2. Was thinking about you guys...so glad to hear that life is good! Sounds like a fun and busy year ahead.

  3. Whoa! This photo looks like Gavin ...which is 100% impossible, but I LOVE it!

    Miss you guys! Come visit! XO

  4. gage is so cute!! i miss you guys! cant wait to see you in less than 2 weeks!:)


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