15 November, 2011

a day in the life of a 2-day-old.

my immune system is horrible, which makes NO SENSE because i eat lots and lots of fruits and vegetables every day, i drink water by the gallon, no soda, greasy or processed foods. i wash my hands regularly, i don't sniff sick people, and i try to exercise. so really, body. why do you have the immune system of a sickly gerbil?

no matter, it's who i am, and aside from that, my terrible immune system gave me an awesome day yesterday.

my doctor gave me some medicine for my cough (which is so bad, that i burst a dang blood vessel under my eye from hacking). gross. i took it (the medicine) and like an hour later the room started shifting around weird and my legs were like jelly.

"so this is what dying is like," i said out loud. yeah, i was that out of it. it was just such a pleasant feeling. sleepy and slippery and jelloid.

then i saw the bottle of medicine and with wobbly vision read "may cause drowsiness".

that snapped me back into reality for at least five minutes. i had a million things to do and was already running out of time and drowsy?! how was i going to accomplish i mean cacomplish uh cacomplish liz lemon? what? and then this scene from 30 rock started playing in my head:

and then everything was hilarious. which i tried to explain to steven, who half-carried me, laughing my guts out, to bed. where i stayed until 8:30 this morning.

i slept all day and night long. like a baby. and i'm not talking 1-9 month old baby. i'm talking 2-day-old baby. you know, when they actually do sleep.

picture this:
with long hair, a tad bit of deep-sleep-drool and bushy, unkempt eyebrows, and that's me!

i highly recommend a day of sleep to everyone out there. and if you need some extra help, develop strep throat, don't go to your doctor for a few months, then develop a sinus infection and a serious chest cough and then go in. he'll give you some serious stuff and you too will experience what i call, 'a day in the life of a 2-day old'.


  1. I have the same immune system and diet plus I'm a vegetarian. I am always the one who picks up the special sicknesses, especially on vacations. Nothing says fun like being taken off an airplane in Amsterdam for an IV because of something I picked up in Greece - good times. That is some SERIOUS cough medicine.

  2. I'm so glad you're not a people-sniffer


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