07 November, 2011

date night

going on real dates is something we've always struggled with. we just love hanging out! ideally, we'd spend every "date" night snuggled up on the couch, reading and eating or walking along a cold, pebbly beach, or playing spit on our living room rug.

and then we go on a date, a real date, and i remember that i actually like dates. i always think that a date will be exhausting after a long week, but i'm so wrong! dates aren't exhausting, they're rejuvenating!

a couple weeks ago my mom and sisters watched gage and steven and i went to the cheesecake factory and just about ate ourselves into serious illness, then we walked around the shops for a while. nothing fancy, but so fun! i always forget how much fun we have when it's just the two of us, dressed up a little, full of delicious food.

aside from dinner and movies, what kinds of dates do you go on with your significant other? do you have a set day of the week that you've designated as 'date night' or do you try to be spontaneous about it? what works for you?


  1. Oh! I always feel this way too. We collapse at the end of our day, and just like you snuggle up and read or watch a movie or find a game to play. But once we get dressed up and out, I have a blast...and kind of remember life before a baby! ha!

  2. we often go on dinner/movie dates, (we obviously don't have a baby yet) but one thing we don't usually do is get all fancy and go out. maybe that will be my new years resolution... i love getting fancy! I'm usually just too lazy. you guys are adorable, love the pic <3

  3. I love date nights, especially now that we have kids. Normally we just do dinner and a movie but we did go to Beauty and the Beast last weekend. :) That was a special treat.

    PS.. Loving your hair!

  4. As you know I have the same problem. I can't think of anything more fun then wearing PJs and sitting around a cozy house when it's cold outside. BUT - like you I'm always happy and rejuvinated when we make the effort to go on a REAL date!

  5. Dates are such a wonderful way to keep a healthy relationship happy! Kudos to both of you!

  6. I think we take not having kids yet for granted, we don't go on dates as often as we should but when we do we have a blast! Oue last date we went up a local tramway and had dinner at the top of a mountain it was great!


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