18 October, 2011

happy birthday, trevor!

yep. this is me and my brother. we were part of a calendar called 'kids of guam' and some weirdo thought it would be awesome to have siblings pose as an engaged couple. creep.

today is my big brother's birthday! he's the best. ever since we were little and it was just me and him before the other siblings were born, he's always been the mastermind behind our adventures. he's a total 'yellow' personality which corresponds perfectly with a 'blue' personality (or so i'm told) and i'm definitely a blue, so we're the dream team!

my favorite thing about my brother is this: two or three times a year, we get into this mood (and i'm pretty sure it only happens when we are with eachother, i don't think i've experienced this with anyone else... hope he hasn't either, or this will be depressing), and everything is hilarious. and not just, "hahaha" hilarious. i'm talking a physical phenomenon. temples pulsating, eyes streaming tears, throats hoarse, stomachs clenched, bellowing laughter.

and afterwards when the laughter has died down (i'm talking hours later) and it's late, and all of our siblings, our parents and kids and spouses are passed out around us, that feeling of contentedness - almost like you're floating, that makes everything even more hilarious and it starts all over again!

happy birthday, trevor! love you so much!


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