17 October, 2011

dear blog,

let me start off by saying that i'm so sorry. i know you probably think you can never trust me again - i've broken promise after promise after promise to spend more time with you. the truth is, you're always in the back of my mind. a nagging - no, sorry, wait! didn't mean nagging, necessarily... you're a priority. that's right, a priority. sometimes i just forget about you a little - not that you're forgettable, please don't get the wrong idea.

maybe we should get counseling? i've heard it works from a few friends of mine. no? you're giving up on me? come on! look, i'm sorry! life's been busy!

moving to arizona

swimming constantly

general conference

frequent trips to the park


figuring out (for sure) what we're doing for the next year (and are super excited about it)

and a plethora of other things that at this point, frankly, i don't feel like sharing with you if you aren't going to be more forgiving. maybe in a few weeks i'll divulge a little more, but this relationship is all take take take. you take my time and memory on my computer and all i do is give! give give give! i'm tired, blog! can't you see that?! sheesh!

don't leave! wait!

okay, i'm sorry. fine. it's my fault. i guess my guilty conscience is just giving me cognitive dissonance... i'm in the box, figuratively. sorry.

let's take a little breather.

okay. back. blog, i won't make any promises. you won't accept them and i don't know if i can keep them. but i will say this - life is about to get a lot more steady starting two weeks from now and i will make you even more of a priority than you already are.

but don't take my word for it. let me prove to you how serious i am about this relationship.

love, brooke.


  1. Hey girl! I missed your posts, I was thinking about you a couple of days ago hoping and praying that your move was smooth and that you are adapting well. Oh, and I loved your fight with your blog!

  2. ARIZONA? where!? We need more bloggers here! :)

  3. lol! Too funny. glad all is well.


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