02 September, 2011

what do you call a woman with one leg? eileen. what do you call an asian woman with one leg?

hurricane irene! we just happened to book our visit to the east coast right in time to experience DC's earthquake and the storm. and i really couldn't be happier! i've grown up in storms - typhoons and earthquakes in guam and regular rainstorms in alaska. i love them. i love power outages, i love candlelight, i love the bond you feel with the people around you when the wind really starts howling, i love the cold gusts that fly through the open windows and cool hot little foreheads, all snuggled up in their cribs. i loved everything about this week.
thank heavens none of our family (or kin, as they would say) were harmed, and all of their houses are in good shape, though i was pretty shocked when we left our little sanctuary after the storm to find trees blown every which-way. fortunately, virginia is full of helpful, service-oriented people who are helping each other through this.
i love this state. if home is where the heart is, then i have a little home here on the coast. i love the moist air and the trees and the hospitality and the friends and family. i'm always sad to leave.
oh, virginia. why can't you just pick yourself up and come out west?


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