25 September, 2011

"it is easy to overlook among larger and more vibrant flowers"

i loved elder uchtdorf's talk last night. i grew up surrounded by forget-me-nots; they're the alaska state flower and they literally grow everywhere. i would bring bouquets of forget-me-nots, fireweed, dandelions and spruce tips to my mom in the summer til my fingers were raw from dandelion juice.

i love knowing that i am known and loved and valued and completely understood by Heavenly Father and that He knows my true character, even if sometimes people around me don't quite see it because i fail to represent who i really am. i love that even among the "larger and more vibrant flowers", he sees my potential and gives me challenges and praise and pain to make me become more of the woman that i'm capable of being.


  1. I absolutely loved his talk too! Especially having the connection to Forget-Me-Nots. :)
    Thanks for posting this Brooke. We send our love.

  2. I loved reading your feelings about this.


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