17 September, 2011

is you... you brave?

in answer to your question, gage, yes. i'm very brave.

do you ever feel like you've been living on a merry go round and then all of a sudden it straightens out and you're riding on a race course? like in 'mary poppins'? that's how i feel.

in the morning we make our move to arizona (we'll only be there for a couple of months). i am sad. sad sad sad.

this has been a period of rest for us... the seventh day of the redfern family you could call it. and now it's over. life starts. i don't have a huge support system two feet away from me. (granted, they're only four hours and 17 minutes without traffic, but still). i do have my wonderful husband and son who are the most supportive, but i have to say it's been heaven to have my mom and dad and siblings who are innately supportive and nurturing.

i miss them already. but i'm brave.


  1. When the season changes, there is no turning back. I hope your travels to Arizona go well Brooke!

  2. good luck in Arizona, love you guys! and I agree yes you are a very brave woman.

  3. Brooke, you can do hard things! I know your family will miss you just as much as you will miss them.
    But seriously, what married person with kids can say they will MISS living with their PARENTS? Your parents must be one of a kind. I feel blessed to be one of the few who also would feel that way if moving out of my parents home. We are lucky little girls aren't we? Blessed blessed blessed. Love you!

  4. One of my best friends just moved there and she loves it, so hopefully that means you will too! It will be an adventure and we will be praying for you along the way. :)

  5. Let's get together in November! We will be out there. :)

  6. thanks everybody :)
    lindsey - let's!!! we're coming up to SLC for conference. let's get together then, too, if you have time.

  7. miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU in 1 day and like 3 hours (: oh gage...so cute "is you brave mama" haha(:

  8. and i do have two brothers in AZ so that also makes things easier :) love you, trevor.


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