08 September, 2011

happy birthday, darling gage!

photo taken by lindsey redfern

today is your second birthday! you are so big!

photo taken by sierra chapman

you love cuppy cakes and cakie pies and shick shakes and fweh-fwies and sa-wad and pie-do man. you don't like wearing a di-po, but you 'wiw NOT' go on the big boy potty yet. you have lots of fwends and when you say your prayers you always say you're thankful for your fam-wy. you see scary maw-nos everywhere and boom-boom them before they eat us. you give kisses and butterfly kisses and noonie-nuzzles and snuggles out liberally. you like to build and you like to knock down, you like to pretend and you love to read to mommy. right now, your favorite thing to do is color. when you want to color you say, "let me coloring", and then you ask for your pen and some pay-poh.

it's been a big year for us, but especially for you, as a one-year-old. but you faced each challenge with a cheer and hope and you've pulled mommy and daddy through when we couldn't quite make it on our own.

you are my best friend in the world. i tell you everything and i'm pretty sure you tell me everything. you're the first thing on my mind in the morning, and the last thing on my mind when i go to sleep. you remind me of who i really am, and you are so gracious to be my little boy.

i love you so, so much.

happy birthday!

p.s. i made a little video for gage, similar to the one i did last year, but blogger won't let me post it for some reason. if you'd like a peek, become my fb friend and it's posted on my wall: brooke chapman redfern.


  1. I love that this post gives a little peek in the life of Gage! I smiled trying to read all of his words.

  2. Wow - you did an amazing job of capturing this whole last year on one post - what a precious little guy! And he's so blessed to have the parents he has :)

  3. Happy birthday Gage!Have a blessed day!

  4. Aw, what a cutie he is and I love the family photo!

  5. So big! And so cute! Happy (belated) birthday, Gage! Hope you got too much cake and had too much fun! : )


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