13 August, 2011

super easy DIY fabric rosette curtains:

the tutorial.
so my little sister needed curtains for her room and i thought we'd try something different than the usual two paneled, tie-to-the-side curtains. she wanted something really simple but classy.
this is what we did:
step 1. we measured the length and height of her window, bought some pretty cream muslin and sewed one panel that fit her window, with an extra two inches below the window and an extra 1/2 inch on each side. (so get enough material for two lengthsxwidths of the window and sew three of the sides together, turn it inside out so the seams are hidden on the inside and then iron it so that the sides are smooshed together)
step 2. if you want to use a curtain rod, when you're sewing the curtain, sew a loop at the top so that you can easily slide it onto a curtain rod, then proceed as normal. because we wanted ours to be attached directly to the blind rod at the top of the window, we hot glued it on. this is probably only a good option if you're planning on staying where you live a while or you are particularly gifted at scraping off hot glue when you decide to move.
step 3. make the fabric roses. i (basically) followed this video tutorial by lindsay from living with lindsay and made five roses, all different sizes.

step 4. use hot glue or fabric glue to attach the flowers onto the already hanging curtain in whatever pattern you choose. these pictures were taken at night, sorry about the poor lighting.

the last step is to tie the panel together in the middle. you can use some pretty ribbon, but i braided some white fabric scraps and used that to tie it.
and that's it! cute, huh? and i seriously cannot believe how easy it is to make the fabric roses! i'm going to put them on EVERYTHING now! i'm seriously contemplating gluing one to my hair.
p.s. have a fantastic weekend!


  1. That's really cute and it's so nice you helped your younger sister make these, it doesn't look easy but I trust you. I'll have to try this because i think it's a really fun romantic style


  2. I'm lovin' them on the pillow. My daughter would go nuts for this :)


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