16 August, 2011

so long, sweet summer

i stumbled upon you and gratefully basked in your rays.
- "age six racer" dashboard confessional

gage's cousin came to spend the day with us and we went to the local water park. they had a blast in their little life jackets and then they relaxed with milk shakes and pb&j.

i'll miss this summer!


  1. You know a little sunshine with a milkshake and a pb&j sounds like a pretty good day to me :)

  2. Oh man ... your title completely shocked me - summer is REALLY almost over! sad.

  3. You're certainly having a good one!!! :-)

  4. i am so jealous of you right now! i would love to be experiencing some HEAT right about now!!!

  5. It's not over yet! I feel like as soon as August hit, people started talking about the fall as if it were here already. It's killing me! : (

  6. It's not over for us in Arizona, unfortunately. I'm so anxious for the summer to be over. I want to wear fall/winter clothes already! :)


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