12 August, 2011

"ahoy, and other nautical expressions"

we hosted a surprise birthday party for my little sister, azure, last night. in going with her name, we tried to use the color blue as much as possible without being tacky. here are some pictures, enjoy!

blueberry lemonade

guests took off their shoes and partied in their socks and bare feet on the blankets we set out in the backyard

we used an old trellis and a staple gun to create
'the evolution of azure' ;)

little notepads were clothes-pinned onto a line with a sign inviting everyone to leave a little letter for azure with fun memories and birthday wishes

it was a success! by the end of the night, there were about 35 middle and high schoolers playing 'honey if you love me' and dancing to 'party in the usa'. it looked amazing after sunset with yards and yards of white christmas lights and blue rope lights lighting up the yard, and of course those gorgeous lantern lights that i found at target for 5 bucks a pop.
happy birthday, az!


  1. How fun!!! :D happy birthday to her!!

  2. The cutest little party! Love it! I would have been thrilled to walk into such a surprise!

  3. OMG, this is so cute and these pics with the little labels could be right out of a magazine. that's so nice you threw a party for her. Great post and I've never had blueberry lemonade before, looks so good.


  4. LOVE it! Happy Birthday to Azure, who I think of every time we sing Love at Home :)

  5. well done party planner. a very classy, fun, summery party indeed! crazy that Azure is all grown up now! I remember your mom being pregnant with her when we were neighbors in the pink house! :) time flies! happy birthday Azure!

  6. thanks! it was such a blast. and she genuinely surprised!


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