05 July, 2011

somewhere only we know

so yesterday was one of the only rainy days we've had all summer and i loved it. i am totally a rain person. i love clouds and fog and drizzle and rainstorms. it probably has to do with the fact that i grew up in one of the rainiest places in the world.

you might be thinking "but what about outside activities? you can't do those in the rain!" and i say to you, wrong. hiking, boating, swimming, and everything else we love to do outside is better in the rain because it keeps you cool and makes everything so much prettier - the trees are greener, berries are brighter and covered in little dew drops, flowers are bolder and look alive... yep, i win this one.

anyway, we spent the day on a long bike ride, which was lovely and drizzly, and then we played games and made treats and then, oh this is a big deal, and then we found this PERFECT old, creepy house that i want so so bad. it was built in the 60's. it has a huge tim burton-esque tree in the front yard and a pool that looks like a lake in the back. it has five bedrooms and a kitchen that has all black cupboards and appliances. i want it like i've never wanted any item before (if you can call a home an item).

steven, on the other hand, is in love with this contemporary, enormous three bedroom with your typical nevadan pool in the back yard and brown/tan tile. it's a beautiful house, but it's just lacking in character. so obviously he should just listen to me, right? send him a text and let him know that. just kidding.

i see his point - my house probably has all kinds of plumbing and electric problems and the wiccan that used to live there may have cast some unruly spells which left a few dents here and there in the walls and ceiling, whilst his was built in 2007 and looks like the lawyer/doctor/owner of 37 fast food chains and his wife took immaculate care of it and never let their prodigy child use finger paints or eat pb&j.

all i'm saying, is this is a tough decision. any advice would be appreciated.

i've imagined for the past couple years that when we found the house it would be like henry and clare from the time traveler's wife finding theirs - "this is it", or something to that effect.

but i do know that when we buy it, i'll be blasting this song as high as my little speakers can go in celebration:


  1. I live in Oregon so rain is a part of most activities...haha! Is that where you grew up?

  2. I can't wait to watch this play out ... imagining what your lives will be like 1 year from now ...

  3. siiiigggghhh. Ok well you asked for opinions but of course do your own thing. This is what I think. I LOVE homes with character and would love a fixer-upper it would be so fun! BUT I have to go with Steven on this one just because of where you are in life right now its more practical. You wont have to worry about getting things done with your little guy around and who knows later down the road you'll have a chance to find a house you love. that being said - if the 'creepy' house is a lot less money then we'd probably try to figure in what cost it would be to fix up and then if it was less go with it, ha ha we're just cheapo's sort of but we sort of have to be kwim? good luck!

  4. I'd go for the one without the pool, because I am deathly afraid of losing one of my babies that way. But I'm crazy paranoid (made that way b/c my parents have a pool). Otherwise, I'd go with resale value (unless you want this to be a permanent home). But then again, I love the idea of a fixer upper. Romantic. Very It's a Wonderful Life.


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