06 July, 2011

so i cut my sister's hair a (lot) a bit shorter than she wanted it.

i'm on a hair revolution.

reason a. i need to redeem myself (sorry again, sierra)

reason b. i need to take my own advice

reason c. i want to see what life is like with an extra twenty-five minutes each day

she cried. sierra, i mean. my little sis. it's just too big, she said, too wavy and not a sleek a-line like victoria beckham. i gave her this pep talk about how she needs to just embrace the fact that she has a lot of wavy hair. it's thick like a mane and beautiful chestnut brown.
i said "your hair will never be straight and thin unless you do all sorts of stupid stuff to it. just embrace it. play up the bigness of it."

and then i thought about it and i'm a total hypocrite. i've been straightening my hair every day since i bought my first flat iron in high school. every day except for when we were in costa rica last year and a few times when i was a brand new mommy. but otherwise, i've spent more time with my straightener than my computer. gage calls my blowdryer "mommy's gun". that's pretty accurate. it's my weapon against the fly-away, full of air, voluminous and thick yet slippery hair of mine. and i'm putting it away!

send me links if you want to join, i'd love to see some other crazy hair out there.


  1. Such a good idea, to let your hair just do its thing.

    My hair is naturally really curly, and I used to HATE it untill the day I tried to chemically straighten it...and halfway through I started crying and rinsed the junk out because I couldnt imagine that part of me being taken away.

  2. Yay for natural hair! Thats how it should be. :) I WISH I had thick curly hair!

  3. hahaha! "crazy hair" could be my middle name. Our could have - until we cut it all off. But I agree. Embrace what you have. PS - I think you look gorgeous with your natural hair!

  4. As a woman of color, I learned a long time ago to embrace the ponytail...sometimes two!! LOL

  5. Haha I'm sure it looks beautiful!

  6. i appreciate my curls but i would give ANYTHING for bangs!! maybe i really just wish i was katy perry/zooey.

    p.s. this is fawn. i always want to comment but never can cause of the stupid "choose an identity" thing so i guess i am outing myself with the blog i NEVER write haha. love you.

  7. Dude, for the entire time I was in Mexico I followed this philosophy. Best idea ever. I never realized how much of my dreams I was missing 'til then!

  8. fawn! ha! i was wondering who you were before i read the end of your comment. why don't you blog more??

    kenzie - girl. your hair is perfect.

  9. LOOOVE this. I might have to join you here.


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