12 July, 2011

redfern roller derby

last night we went with my parents and little brother to the local roller skating rink.

the last time i roller skated was my first semester of college and i spent more time pretending to fall so my cute friend would catch me ;) but this time it was a different story. steven, who is the master of everything gave me some good tips and after a few minutes of practice, i was (sort of) holding my own.

gage attempted to skate (i thkate, mommy, peez! peez i thkate!) but struggled enough that his sweet grandma bought him some blue cotton candy and he had the time of his life watching the skaters go by and admiring the toys in the... vending machines? is that the word for the machines that dispense toys if you can grab them with the claw?

it was super fun and when they started playing firework at high volumes, we rocked out in a calorie-burning fashoin that only true rockers understand.

bottom line: awesome night.

our mouths were very, very blue.

and here is my hair (remember that i'm not using any heat products - blow dryer, curling iron, straightener - for ten days). i pulled it back in a loose bun while it was still drying and after applying a grotesque amount of super skinny. the elastic headband helped tame the volume and i think i may adopt this hairstyle as my new go-to.

happy wednesday!
oh and if you haven't entered to win the giveaway, please do. just comment on monday's post (the one right before this one).


  1. I think it looks great! I love a messy hair do! What a fun night. My friends LOVE roller skating but I haven't been since I was little.

  2. WOW! I haven't skated in a blue moon of Sundays!! {Sorry. Heard my grandmother when I opened my mouth that time!! LOL} It sounds you you all had a good time!...And the hair looks nice, by the way!

  3. Your hair looks cute! Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Your hair looks so cute! I love the messy bun look. Sounds like so much fun. And I have definitely done the same trick to get a cute boy to catch me :p

  5. i like how i can comment on your blog now! lol. your hair is cute! you should do a messy side braid and just hair spray it to ensure a little tame-ness. this is pretty much what i always do or just pull it to one side or do nothing. i have no idea what to do with my hair, you should give me some suggestions! xoxo

  6. This sounds like so much fun, I haven't been on skates in ages!

    I think your hair looks great!


  7. Ah I haven't done that in years! Looks like a blast. :) and your hair is way cute.

  8. What a cute post, I haven't been roller skating since I was a little kid because I was horrible. That's funny about the last time you went and falling on "accident" ;) You little bro is so cute, kids always love cotton candy.

    I gotta give you props too for no heat styling tools on your hair for 10 days. That is really tough!

    Thanks so much for your nice comment too, I really appreciate it

  9. Gosh, I can't remember the last time I went roller skating! But I do remember that it's awesome!!
    Your hair looks lovely. :)

  10. I would kill to go roller skating! How fun!


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