21 July, 2011

i'm not afraid of bribery.

which is why gage has consumed a lot of sugar today. the poor little dude is still sick and nothing is making him happy (except chocolate...yep, he's mine).

on other news, my ten days of no heating products on my hair have ended. i would have liked to report that i will never again use heating products, but... no. i do think i'll stop blowdrying and straightening it so often, though.

it feels so healthy after just ten days of no heat. like... new hair. i love it.

alrighty, wish me luck. i've got an angry baby with claws (his nails grow freakishly fast and he refuses to let me near them today).



  1. Aw poor guy!!! On the bright side, you look gorgeous! I need to do the same and give my poor hair a rest from the straightener!


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