25 July, 2011


photo by lindsey r.

until gage was almost a year old, he didn't sleep through the night. at best, he'd wake up once during the night at about 4 am and cry until he was rocked back to sleep. needless to say, i was tired all the time.

blame it on our method if you want to (we decided against letting him cry himself to sleep... won't discredit that method, it probably works, it's just not for our family) or on our crazy schedule (i was finishing up my last semester of school and interning as a legal assistant while steven was in school and working two part-time jobs) or just on the fact that some babies have trouble staying asleep through the night - bottom line is, when baby don't sleep, nobody sleeps.

which is why i'm excited about this one.

if you are a mommy, want to be a mommy, have friends that are mommies, or are related to a mommy, then this is the giveaway for you.

and, super good news, we will have three winners!

three readers will receive a MusicBabies CD with a cassette (in case you live under a rock) and a booklet that explains how it works. basically, this product "turns sleepless nights into peaceful nights"... awesome?

and the thing is, they'd be great baby shower gifts if you don't have any little ones at the moment.

a winner will be randomly chosen in one week (that's next monday if you have trouble with that kind of a thing). all you have to do is leave a comment with your email address. if you decide to follow s + b, leave an additional comment letting me know that you're a follower.

bueno suerte!


  1. Awesome giveaway!!


  2. We have a mutual friend that could potentially receive one of these in the next couple of months!


  3. Sleep... what is that again? It's been so long... I hear it gets better after the first 6 weeks though - I hope that's true!


  4. love it! thanks for the comment reminding me to enter, it IS perfect!


  5. What a great idea Brooke! You're totally making me, that silent reader that never comments to finally comment! I LOVE your blog!


  6. Hi There! Thank you for stopping by and commenting! Glad to hear you liked the fringe along with the harem pants ;) So pleased to hear that your baby is starting to sleep through the night. I don't have kids but a I know that a happy and well rested baby does make mom's life easier!

  7. The woman I nannied for is pregnant with their second. The first was a terrible sleeper. It would be so awesome to be able to give her this for the new baby. What a great giveaway! Good luck to all!

  8. What a great idea for a giveaway! My youngest is just now sleeping through the night at 16 months... Just in time to start all over again in 4 short weeks with baby number 3! :)


  9. I don't have a baby or any friends with babies so I won't enter this giveaway but I think it's a greattt great idea! You sound like superwoman girlie! I can't believe all that you do, especially with so little sleep! Inspiring!


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