15 July, 2011

giveaway winner: who could it be?

i hope these cards help promote your new etsy shop, jeanette!

so it's friday. anyone else exhausted? but good exhausted. we're going to see the new harry potter movie tonight. i'm stuffing my pockets with tissues because i've grown up with harry (we're the same age) and i just know that if the whole freaking book made me bawl like a baby, the movie will too. i guess i'll just have to cast my patronus charm to get rid of the 'end of series blues'

expecto patronum!


  1. Harry Potter AND winning these cards? What a fabulous weekend this is turning out to be (I'm officially starting it). Thank you so much. I'm tickled pink :)

  2. That's how I feel about Harry! :)

  3. oh yes, you WILL cry. it was AMAZING though. ahhh.

  4. kenzie - we bawled like babies.


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