12 June, 2011

in honor of finally getting my macbook fixed...

have a happy, nerdy weekend!

we had a crazy, psycho, busy and stressful day today, but we are planning on having a relaxing sunday with lots of cake. how 'bout you?


  1. What nice photos!...Reminded me...I need to brush my teeth. Can't be going around with 'coffee breath'!! LOL By the way, my weekend has consisted of eating, and hummingbird and movie watching. It's been fabulous so far! :-)) After I get some spiritual good reminders up in my head today I'll be good for the beginning of another week!! :-]

  2. Haha that's an adorable picture with the toothbrush...
    And I dig your glasses ;)
    Thanks so much about the singing, and I'm so glad you found my blog and enjoy it :)
    Love your blog! I think I shall follow it!

  3. OH my goodness I am in love with your photos! You all look like you are having a blast. My husband was away for the weekend on business, so it was my first weekend alone with Mila (my four month old daughter) AND our crazy but sweet dog! haha. It all turned out okay, but thank goodness for wine! :)

  4. I worked. Blah! But I did come home to cookies. :) I want to kiss gage on those adorable cheeks soooooooo badly!

  5. So cute!!! Hope you guys had a fabulous Sunday :)

  6. cute pictures, such an adorable kid! :) http://www.indie-and-fashion.blogspot.com/

  7. :) Cute pictures! Glad to see you back into the blogging world. I've missed your writing.


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