21 June, 2011

don't you wish your baby was

amazing like mine?

my baby is perfect. i'm not bragging, he really is.

a few minutes ago i realized how late it was and that he still hadn't had an afternoon nap. wait, let me preface this with some history. gage has always been a napper. he is also a very scheduled child... i promise. it's not me. it's him. when he was around 9 months old, he put himself into a routine of a 10 AM nap, and a 2PM nap. the day that i realized that he fell asleep at those times ever day, whether at the store or at the park, i felt like an idiot for not realizing it sooner. so of course i started working with the schedule instead of against it and everything was rosy.

then we moved to ukraine and i decided to move him to one nap a day. bad decision. i, the idiot, of course, didn't realize that his (uncommon but out of character) screaming, hitting, and whining were due to his lack of naps. i just thought it was the water.

lo and behold, we move back to the US and i realize after 2 months that maybe the kiddo wants to sleep more.

so, back to my original point, a few minutes ago i was putting him down for his afternoon nap. i rocked him for a minute in the dark room then sang a little bit of I am a Child of God at his request (chi-wud, peez). then i laid him in his crib and he started to cry, (howd gage, mama). so i rocked him more and sang more, then halfway through a verse, he stops me (top it, peez. night night).

then i lay him down again and he whispers, "yuh you, mama"

i'm telling you, he is perfect! PERFECT!


  1. WOW! You have some kid there! Maybe you should call Ripley's!! :-)

  2. You are pretty lucky - for sure! Emma never took naps and it would have been nice for all of us!

  3. cute photo!

    thanks for stopping by the blog! come again soon.


  4. He's adorable. We miss him!

  5. wow. that is cute, cute, cute.


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