03 June, 2011


we spent last saturday in the sun, we had a little picnic and then we took gage on this adorable carousel (at the district in green valley for all you nevadans). it was so fun! he was so serious - i think he thought the animals were real,

"hey mom and dad, talk quietly and stop smiling so much! i've watched the discovery channel enough to know that wild animals are a serious affair!"

he loved the frog, the bear, and the tiger.

steven has some signature redfern funny-eyes going on,
but in all reality, do i not have the cutest boys in the world?

so this weekend, i think we're going to go to the free movie on the green. last week they played ET, this week i think it's one of the newer disney movies. gage will love it.

what about you? any plans?


  1. Marcus and I are going camping for our anniversary! Finally a sunny weekend and we are taking advantage!

  2. adorable pictures of the three of you! how much fun?! sunshine and a carousel! love it!

  3. I know that carousel look well! I have many brothers and sisters who have exhibited it at one time or another. LOL The trick is knowing when 'enough is enough'...before a bag has to be employed! ^_^

    By the way, nice to have your visit to my backyard. Please come again. I hope the poem won't be so sad next time. :-]

  4. What a cute family you are! I remember my son being pretty serious when he had his first ride on a carousel.

  5. Oh my goodness...fun weekend indeed. And your little boy is adorable. P.S. love the name that you chose.


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