31 May, 2011

to whom it may concern (or not concern if you're one of those people i barely know who stalks my blog),

it seems like every post for the past year has started with an apology for not blogging more. sorry again. i really planned on writing more.

lots of changes have occurred in the S. Redfern establishment. namely, we have moved back to the states. i had another miscarriage recently, actually the day after my last blog post, i was about fourteen weeks along. because of medical reasons, we'll be staying in the US for an undetermined amount of time. i considered blogging about the miscarriage because i know that writing about things like that can be healing, but for me personally, i'd rather not. so, thank you all in advance for your sympathy and kind words, and please know that i'm doing very well and would be more than happy to talk about this with anyone going through something similar. perhaps i will share some of the lessons i've learned during this time in a future post, we'll see.

other happier news includes gage's potty training regimen. he's so close! i planned on waiting for at least another year, but he's so ready, if you know what i mean. and i can't wait to see my cute little guy in spider man underwear.

steven and i went on a cruise in april. it was so awesome. gage started talking in sentences (short ones, but sentences none-the-less), and i've almost finished my first novel! hoo-raw.

my brother-in-law, chris, got engaged to a super cute mini zooey deschanel who we're all in love with. woo hoo, chris!

my sister-in-law whitney and her husband brandon are expecting twins, congratulations to you two as well.

in terms of future plans, we don't have 'em. steven is doing summer sales for the fantastic moo-lah and for the fact that there is no long term commitment. we miss ukraine and really hope to be able to go back soon, but are moving on with life for the time being until circumstances permit our return.

sorry i'm using such formal language. i just read 'little women' again and i'm stuck in post-civil war english.


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more soon.


  1. Love the formal feel of your post :)

  2. Cheering for Gage! Welcome to the Potty Train! :)


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