21 March, 2011

home at last

this isn't a recent picture... it's from almost a year ago, but i found it on my parents' computer and thought it was adorable.

gage and i are back in the US for a quick visit. it's been a week so far, and we are in heaven. my mom's been pampering us and my brother and sisters have kept both of us entertained with movies, games and hilarious stories of all the things i've missed since we've been in ukraine.

steven's still over there, work was just too busy for him to take off.
we miss him like crazy!

today we went to cafe rio; it was amazing. i got a chicken salad AND a chicken taco. so good! i forgot how much i loved it.

the sun has been shining and we've spent time bikeriding, going to the park, shopping and going on walks. i love my family so much! i really am a home body. i just love being home so much. if steven were here, life would be perfect.


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