18 February, 2011


as i type this, i am deathly ill with a horrible cold, bundled up in bed, listening to gage babble in his crib because he's still not asleep, though i put him down like an hour ago. {no, i'm not a terrible mom. stop judging me. i've gone in to check on him every ten minutes or so}.
it's one of those days. am i being snappy? sorry.

anyway, i realized i hadn't posted for a few days, and i've been saving these pictures for a really epic, amazing post, but blah. fine, i'll just post them and you can see a couple of the staple foods here:

this is pelmeni. they are a lot like japanese gyoza. these ones are filled with chicken. the ukrainians like to just boil them then eat them, but we like to boil them then fry them, as we're trying to perpetuate the american way here and have a heart attack by 45. not. they just taste way better fried. people like to eat them with smatana, which, as i mentioned earlier, is like a mix of greek yoghurt and sour cream. maybe i shouldn't be posting today. can you feel my grouchiness through these words?

this is just adorable. chocolate. we eat way too much of it here, but it's delicious. this country is obsessed with hazelnuts, i am obsessed with hazelnuts.
it's a good relationship.

also, very cute. but no real relevance to anything; he's licking some cupcake batter.

and these are shortbread cookies. i bought an entire kilo, and guess how much it cost? 4 griven, or in other words, fifty cents. mm-hmm. these are the perfect "be quiet" treat when we're out in public (church, metro, etc) and gage is whining. i just pop one of these bad boys into his mouth and he's in heaven.

guys, i'm sorry for my lack of enthusiasm. blogging was on my to-do list today, and so i'm really just doing this for my own sense of self-worth. not because i really care.
this might be the mucus talking.

i hope you still like me.



  1. I totally understand how you feel. Well, I'm not sick but I'm extra irritale lately. The food looks wonderful! Love ya!

  2. I'm sorry you don't feel well. :(

  3. I don't think you sounded grumpy, but maybe its because I'm on the same wavelength. Hope you feel better. Honey with warm milk and soda powder, soaking feet or whole self in a hot tub, and heat patches or hot pad on chest and back. Or and lemon wedges with honey for a cough. Those are the Ukrainian remedies that have been recommended to me. They all seem to be working pretty well. I'm not magically healed but I haven't needed any medicine yet. :)
    P.S. You do need a cell phone so we can keep in touch on non Sundays :)

  4. I like, love, and adore you. Wish I was there to take care of you. You are such an easy one to love. Miss you guys!

  5. chocolate and shortbread... what a great combo!


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