11 February, 2011

our first restaurant experience in ukraine

a few weeks ago we went to our first ukrainian restaurant and i don't know it's name! but it's all authentic ukrainian food, and so inexpensive. our family spent six bucks and got a huge meal. heaven.

this is the entrance. i love the old world feeling.

conveniently in the open so that you can wash your hands before you eat. my kinda place.

steven and i are fighting for the last piece of potato. the white dumpling things in yellow sauce are a beef-filled dough in butter. there is also a sweet version of that called verniky (not sure how to spell it) but they fill it with smatana (think american sour cream mixed with greek yoghurt) and a sour cherry.

okay, closest up is a salad. here "salad" does not mean lettuce and ranch. it means a combination of vegetables and starches with sauce, in this case, shredded cabbage, corn, ham, a vegetable i have never had before in a sweet and peppery sauce. yum! directly behind that is borsch, a staple food in ukraine. it's red because of the beets... dwight schrute would be proud. to the right of that are potatoes and a breaded piece of chicken with a buttery sauce inside.

and a happy, full-bellied family.



  1. I've never heard of anything you just described but it sounds delicious!!

  2. That sounds delightful, and for $6 bux! WOW! I am peeking around your blog a bit, if you dont mind =) Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I love new blog friends. Have a great weekend. Im a new follower as well.

  3. fun!!! so jealous! all this time we've been in the airforce, and the farthest we've gone is the bahamas... must think further. :) don't get me wrong, i LOVE the caribbean.
    dwight shrute! lol. have you heard the rumor that will ferrel might replace michael as the "boss?"


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