19 February, 2011

messy side ponytail: a tutorial

i am a big fan of easy, cute hairstyles and joanna goddard and recently read this post, wherein she did the exact thing i'm about to do - tutorialized the adorable side pony that is both classy and simple.

if your hair is fine and straight and lacks bounceability, you should follow the instructions on a cup of jo, however, if your hair is thicker and coarse, like mine, then my instructions which are a little different than joanna's should suffice.

1. the day after you've washed your hair, keep it unwashed, and blow-dry it upside down to give it a little extra fluff.

2. part your hair on the side - to give it even more body, i parted it on the opposite side that i usually part it on - try to make it a really deep side part.

3. take the top quarter of your hair and pin it to the nape of your neck with bobby pins so that it's secure

4. now squeeze all that hair (the upper quarter and the rest of it) into a hair tie, and tighten the hair below the hairtie so that it gives your hair a little more body
5. let the loose little strands around your face go crazy:

the end!



  1. Thanks so much for the comment you left on my blog today--I love meeting new blog friends, and your blog is just darling!

    I can't imagine you not being cute in pregnancy because just a few pictures in and I think you're such a beauty!

    Hope to see you around more and can wait to get to know your story through your blog!


  2. haha. my secret to a messy ponytail is to put my hair up at 7:00am when i get up, let my boys crawl all over me all day long, watch a show on the couch with them, push them on the swings in the winter wind (sometimes in a hat), give a couple airplane rides, play horsey, pretend like i know how to throw a football and throw them on the love sac a couple dozen times.

    and be like 2 months overdo for a haircut.

    your way seems easier. LOL

  3. cute! can I just say by the way that you are looking awesome!
    ha ha I am with Lindsey, my hair is pretty much messy all the time, however doesn't look as cute as yours.

  4. Great tutorial ... The girls here love it. And SHEESH! what are you now, about 90 pounds? Actually, you look great!


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