23 February, 2011

hiding out

between the fridge and the wall - that is gage's little nook. he gets stuck in there more often than you'd think with a stuffed animal, a book and a cookie. it's adorable. he'll just climb in, snuggle into the corner and be content for a really long time for an 18-month old.

when i was little, i used to sit in this tree that kind of scooped up at the trunk, so it was like a little bench. i'd sit there reading for hours, i miss it!

so this week, i decided it's time for me to find a nook of my own... just a quiet place that i can go to read or think or sneak a cookie. our apartment is very compact, as are most apartments in europe, so i don't think it will be here. the cafes and stores i've been to so far don't really fit the bill either, so this week i'm going to venture out into the city to find the perfect book store or library or cafe to be my new nook.

help me out. where is your private place? at home? in town? where do you when you need some peaceful alone time?


  1. So adorable!! My nook is actually right here at home... my fav place to curl up with a book or my laptop is nestled between a bunch of pillows on my bed. I literally create a little nest around me, grab my fav hot bevvie and escape... :)

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  2. when I need some time alone ( not that I ever have to much company, since my apartment is totally empty and big enough to let me hide away for eternity if Id wish to) I go to Naptke. A coffee place in the middle of london that is always packed with people. Since there are so many couples and groups of people there, I always feel totally alone. In the middle of everything, I sort of disappear.


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