29 January, 2011



it's been forever, hasn't it?

lots has happened since i last posted, namely, we moved to kyiv, ukraine for steven's work. mmhmm. crazy, huh? but we absolutely love it.

prepare for lots of pictures of gage and his cousins who also live here, a whole lot of food, fashion and historical sites.

lalala, life is swell. enjoy the pics, and come back again soon.

{i got these yellow floral dye-cut tights for nine grivna... that's about a dollar}

{kreshatyk, the city center, at Christmastime}

{Christmas themed jello}

{don't pay attention to that little bald spot... a slip of the razor. look at the awesome outfit. he loves that he dresses like this every day}

{ukrainian chocolate is the best, ever. just ask gage}



  1. Oh MAN! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. But I totally miss you guys. GREAT pictures - love the tights. And Steven looks AMAZING. Kiss little Gage-man for me :)

  2. Holy Cow! I can't believe you have moved to the other side of the world! You guys all look great--glad life is good!! Post lots of pictures and enjoy your adventure!


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