06 October, 2010

playground chic.

today has been a weird sunny-but-cold-but-hot-in-the-car kind of day. gage and i went to the park just in case it's the last time we see the sun until april. while there, i decided to start a new trend and it is called 'playground chic'.

we'd take inspiration from the cute outfits babies wear to the park, like this:

and design outfits like this:

{image from here}
i think it would be a hit. right up there with sherpa chic. and i bet emma watson would be our spokesperson. and subsequently my best friend. oh, emma, you are the epitome of chic.

p.s., it's no secret that i've been trying to shed this excess baby weight for months now. just wanted to update you all that i recently began taking a weight loss supplement (don't worry, mom. it's natural and fda-approved), that actually works. losing weight is frustrating. if you're having trouble getting where you want to be body-wise, feel free to email or call me and i'll tell you about what i use.



  1. So, is the weight loss supplement working? Emma could be your sister ... you two look a like!

  2. Emma Watson *is* the epitome of chic--I agree!

    Good luck with the weight loss. :)


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