12 October, 2010


this past saturday, steven, gage and i ran the 1 mile fun run for beyond boobs, a breast cancer awareness organization.

my in -laws ran the 10k and gage and i watched anxiously from the side as the throngs of runners started the race. i was so moved to see so many people, such diverse people, running for such a good cause. i'm a sucker for people banding together to fight a common enemy - just ask steven. harry potter, band of brothers, braveheart, you name it. any book or movie where there is a small but strong group of fighters.. i bawl like a baby.

luckily, the water works decided to stay hidden as i watched the runners high-five their kids standing on the sidelines, or grip each others' hands as they power-walked. there are lots and lots of good people in the world. glad i got to witness something as powerful as this. enjoy the pictures!

{advertising for maxfit 24... not a fashion statement}

sorry, poncho, but i love this picture.

hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are having a productive week.
i know mine is busy as heck.


  1. Wondereful! You've got a great family there Brooke.

  2. I love these events where people run/walk for a great cause. It's so much fun at the same time! :)


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