26 October, 2010

ny part 3: the two coolest people in the city that weekend

in other words, pictures of us. tee-hee.

{central park}

{grand central station}

{plaza hotel}

{me, right where kevin mccalister makes his reservation on home alone 2: lost in new york}

{steven and his padre making very similar facial expressions on a subway train}

{me being whooshed by a passing train}

{times square}

not much else to say about the trip, but "i love new york"

the whole time we were there i was singing new york-themed songs in my head. i thought of at least a dozen. let's have a competition.
how many can you think of?


  1. Oh, I'm sure I couldn't even come close! Did you just get back? Looks like it was chilly! It's still hitting the 90's here...ugh!

  2. SOUNDS SUPER FUN! i wish i would have been there to go with you! cant wait to see you! LOVE YOU! <3

  3. There's no way I can think of a dozen NY songs ... but I have to say, taking a picture right where Kevin McAllister stood in the Plaza Hotel - that had to be the best part of the trip!

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  5. LOVE that you took a picture where Kevin made his reservations... I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!! and I love you!!!!! OH UNCLE MARTIN!!! Oops, I mean... OH BROOKE REDFERN!

  6. Haha, I would have totally thought the same thing about Home Alone when visiting The Plaza. :)

  7. Oh.. NYC. the greatest city in the world.


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