20 October, 2010

ny part 1: the food.

{very yummy tomato, basil, brie sandwich from pret a manger}

{pizza from lombardi's}

{rice pudding at rice to riches}

{first hamburger i've had in years at good burger}

{want to know what was in here?}

{mint frozen hot chocolate at serendipity}


  1. HAHA! Thats pretty much all we did was eat!!!!

  2. YUM YUM YUM!!!!! That right there is enough to make a trip fabulous!

  3. Holy schmoly ...I have GOT to go to NY - just for the food!

  4. man oh man all that looks yummy!!!! i just told my husband we had to go out on date night cos this all looks DELISH , esp your sandwich at the top!

    "the way we were"-- amazing right!? and you could totally make "valentines" any time of the year :) i think so... happy mail is the best, esp. unexpected!

    xo micaela


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