18 October, 2010

nourish the children

hello, everyone!

we just got back from nyc late, late last night and i am beat. i am going to do an epic post about all of the amazing things we did and ate in new york, but first i wanted to share something much more important: {if the video won't load, just click here}

i'm very passionate about this program. it's so gratifying to know that you are sending a literal healthy meal to these kids rather than a check to some big-wigs who first take a huge chunk for themselves, then send a stick of juicy-fruit overseas. this is the real deal.

if you're interested in sending a pack or two, let me know. that's the other thing i love - it's affordable. steven and i try to send two packs a month.

email me at brookeredfern@gmail.com, and i'll be happy to help you make your donation.


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