01 July, 2010

summer is running away from me

long time no type. that is probably the goofiest, corniest sentence i've ever written.

we've been traveling constantly between utah, nevada, california and idaho {i so appreciate air conditioning}! but in my free time i've been able to finish tons of projects around the house, aid gage in his learning to speak and walk {he's taken a record three steps and can say "mama" and "ball"}, and finally, i've committed to becoming a pescatarian, and hopefully down the line at some point, a seafood eating vegan.

so that is my summer in a hazelnut shell.

what have you accomplished this summer? i'm really dying to know, so be specific!


  1. So I went on a vacation, I am trying desperately to find a job (it's so ridiculously hard!) and just relaxing and enjoying time with my friends! :)

    Glad you're back

  2. started a new job!

    welcome back, lady!

  3. Love the picture!

    Honestly, I haven't accomplished all that much. It's difficult with two boys around. I tend to accomplish more during the school year. :)

  4. Enjoyed the company of my sweet, sweet family. :)

  5. Mmmmm pescatarian. Count me in. I love fish. I have traveling all summer it feels like too. When will it end? And do I want it to end? I dunno. Can you believe it's July? Crazy.


  6. I am having the best summer ever with so many barbecues and nights out with friends. Right now I am in Utah for two weeks for a dance workshop and am having the time of my life.

  7. I finished 6 of my deadline and I have many more to go and I started to swim every day....Kisses sweetie and have a wonderful Monday:) So lovely to see you again:)

  8. Love the picture!! Really, you're asking me? :P because I don't remember when summer started... it's kind of hard to tell when you live in Arizona and work full-time anyways. Although I do know I want to work out more this summer & eat tons of summer fruits/veggies.


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