05 June, 2010

they'll name a city after us

yesterday we took a little day trip down to utah to pick up a few things, among them a new charger for my computer {i was sans computer for two days and it disgusted me how often i reached for my lap top during those days... i resolved then to be less computer-dependent} anyway, as we zoomed past wheat fields and baby cows, i thought up a short summer playlist that is very, very good if i do say so myself.
i think it works with our so far semi-cloudy, mellow summer.

sweet disposition - the temper trap
eet - regina spektor
change is hard - she and him
us - regina spektor
surf wax america - weezer

what's on your summer playlist?


  1. i loooooove sweet disposition!

  2. I guess you'll be making a new cd for me huh?!
    How about some pics of your purchases?

  3. The temptations, Michael Buble, The Fray, and several soundstracks such as.. That Thing You Do, Beauty and the Beast, Run Away Bride, You've Got Mail, Wicked, Enchanted, etc.. Love me some good music!!

  4. something kinda crazy: I have been listening to those same songs all the time lately! What the junk?! As for my other summah songs, I'd have to say: DCFC, The Beatles, Bryan Adams, Jack Johnson, The Cure, The Police, A Fine Frenzy, Iron and Wine, Feist, Joshua Radin...the list goes on and on.

  5. kenzie... we are TWINS in the music department. i love dcfc and joshua radin and iron and wine. why didn't we know this sooner?

  6. I love Micheal Buble...but I really listen to everything...:) Kisses my lovely and enjoy your Sunday:)

  7. Taio Cruz! Does that make me a bad person? lol.

  8. mumford & sons // jack johnson // hanson // born ruffians // regina spektor // jason mraz // j tillman...


    xo Alison

  9. Anything Joshua Radin, Parlor Hawk (the new one when it actually comes out!), & She & Him.
    I've never heard of sweet disposition, so thanks for the intro to some new music!

  10. I loveeeee "Sweet Disposition"! And I really need to check out She and Him.. I've heard a bunch of people talking about them!

  11. I love Regina Spektor, especially Us, that's a good song! I think I will be listening to The Kooks, and some mellow summery music!


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