25 April, 2010


today i feel a surge of hope, like something absolutely wonderful is coming to us very soon.

maybe it was this delicious sushi that my parents treated me to as a graduation celebration dinner {'twas heaven.}

maybe it was the fortune cookie that gage devoured
{i may or may not have found the fortune in his diaper a day later}.

regardless, i feel hope, and i like it.

what are you looking forward to?


  1. yay! i'm happy for you! good things are to come!

  2. ugh, if only we could afford sushi right now. sooo good!

    let's see, i'm looking forward to moving into a new apartment! a change in pace and scenery is just what we need right now.

    congrats again on graduating, by the way :D

  3. I am looking forward to the sun returning to RI and painting :) Great pictures xx

  4. I hope it's something awesome!

    I'm looking forward to an awesome summer vacation! :)

  5. I'm looking forward to my last day of school on May 6th, vacation starting May 16th, welcoming my fam to VA in June, anniversary in July, and camping in cali and beach house in SC in August!!! This is my first summer off in two years! Happy days:) miss yall like crazy.

  6. congrats on graduating! what an exciting time in your life.

    kiwi and i are looking forward to our june trip to thailand :) we can't wait!

  7. bed time.
    glad you had a great time! loved all the pics of costa rica.
    hubs and i are planning a trip to somewhere this december... we're leaning towards island hopping on a cruise ship...
    thanks for the inspiration. i need to get away.

  8. yay! hope is such a beautiful feeling! we're young, there's so much up ahead! i'm looking forward to finishing school in october, summertime happy hours with my neighbor this summer, and doing a couple of paintings this week :)

  9. Sushi, I love you.

    I'm looking forward to long summer nights. I just left beautiful Australia just in time for summer here! It's the sunshine extended mix!

  10. great pictures ... and great thoughts. I've had the same feeling since the new year began - don't know exactly what I'm excited about, but there's definitely something great going to happen!

  11. love this!! so cute. love all the quotes and that baby is adorable!


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