01 April, 2010


steven had meetings in utah all week, so gage and i accompanied him.
best choice i ever made.

after a long day in and out of the car and long meetings, we went to a yummy little italian bistro in provo and heaven ensued.

this was a chocolate cake with layers of marscapone cheese and huge chunks of dark chocolate.
heaven, i tell you.

my boys are delectable.

yes, we shared two desserts. this was like a gourmet ding-dong
{chocolate cake with layers of italian creme}

gage was also in heaven.
i let him taste the cake and he was happy for the rest of the day.

if you happen to find yourself in utah, please, go eat some italian desserts for me.


  1. Omg, that looks really delicious!!

  2. this is so sweet :) xx


  3. so sweet and the last picture totally made me giggle lol

  4. ohhhh.. that looks so delish. and your little guy is just too adorable for words!

  5. Those do look very yummy, but you're not helping with my chocolate withdrawal!! ;)

  6. I really like the pic of Steve and Gage. Glad you got to enjoy all of the wonderful chocolate!

  7. There's something so fun about buying gourmet dessert at a bistro. It's way expensive, but soooooo worth it! Great picture of your boys!

  8. aw how sweet! gage is adorable and those cakes look DELICIOUS!


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