13 March, 2010


this time of year confuses me. one minute there's sunshine, the next minute, lots of snow.

so i try to bring the sun inside to remind us that summer is just around the corner.

tropical scented candles, like this pineapple scented one always help transition from the holiday smells to summer scents.

and i unpack the summery dishes... someday i will have a kitchen that is completely cream, avocado and yellow. Ahh.

and, naturally, i stock up on all the fruits and veggies i can lay my hands on to cure the scurvy we've contracted from a particularly snowy winter.

it also helps to receive a little blog award every now and then, like this sunshine award that hope chella sent on over {thanks!}

i'd like to pass the award along to......


thanks for bringing me a some sunshine with your inspiring posts and comments!
pass it along if you'd like to other bloggers that inspire you.

la la la la la, happy weekend.


  1. hooray for spring & summer! can't wait!

    where in idaho do you live? we recently moved from sandpoint to boise, so this year the winter is not as harsh for us!

  2. Brooke! You're the BEST!! Thanks for the Sunshine Award! XOXO Vicki PS Love the spring dishes!!

  3. Scurvy from the winter...hilarious!

  4. Congrats on the award, LOVE scented candles, they truly lift up my mood !!

  5. wowie! THANK YOU for the award Brookie! I'll pass it on tomorrow. You're a doll.
    Oh - the pictures are so tantalizing! I want to be in your apartment and see & smell the yellow!

  6. scurvy. thanks for the laugh! can i have narcolepsy?

  7. Congrats on the blog award! :)


  8. bringing the sunshine inside... lovely idea! we had the same thing happen here in Portland.. 60s and sunny one day... snow two days later! how is that even possible!?

  9. I am loving your lists of fresh ideas to ease us out of the long winter. Especially the pineapple candle and lemon cupcakes! (can you tell I'm hungry?) They've definitely inspired me.

  10. a pineapple scented candle sounds amazing. :)

  11. oh i love tropical candles! make me want to get away to an island. how perfect would that be! hope you're having a great day!

  12. I totally need some summer dishes! And a pineapple scented candle sounds pretty good too!


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